Welcome to OFC Custom Rods, Plugs & Jewelery!
Cobalt and Pink Claws

Aquatic Jewelry - beautiful stone crab claw necklaces with rhinestone accents.

OFC was founded on the principals of making quality handmade products that appeal to individuals who want function AND beauty. We create art that has a purpose – whether you are fishing with our rods and plugs, wearing our jewelry, adjusting the ceiling fan speed in your living room with our fan pulls, or turning on one of our night lights to illuminate the darkness.  Our standards are high and the products are one of a kind!

Items are being added to the website weekly. Please keep checking back often! 

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  1. ofcrods

    I wanted to thank my beloved family members for their unselfish support and encouragement. I plan to continue with my artwork in the form of custom fishing rods, wood plugs, jewelry and stain glass.

    My work is time consuming but quality is my trademark, quantity is not. Anyone who appreciates creativity and handmade artistic products will enjoy looking at my work and appreciate using it!

    I have long believed that functional art in the form of glass fan pulls, night lights, stain glass lamps, fishing rods, nautical jewelry and much more were practical and beautiful. May anyone who appreciates these values enjoy ownership of one of these one of a kind gems!

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